J.G. Ballard day is an academic conference in celebration of and appreciation for all things Ballardian. It is an inclusive multidisciplinary event open to any enthusiast, fans of dystopia, literature and the merely curious. You are invited to join us to deliver a talk or presentation, attend discussion and reading groups or simply bathe in the alterity and dismal realities depicted by J.G. Ballard’s work.

JGB Day is the second conference in a growing series of specialised author events and was born out of the success of Philip K. Dick Day, which was hosted by Nottingham Trent University for the past several years, and which debuted at Birmingham City University in April 2016.

These events are coordinated by Dr Thomas Knowles (Birmingham City University)

Media and graphics: Chuck Newsey

 Tickets: JGB day 2017 – June 24

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jgbday/